DIY Home Furniture

Kyle and bought two bedside tables for $7.50 each, and a TV stand for $10.00. We decided to use the furniture painting knowledge I’ve learned from my grandma and paint them ourselves.

We spent all day Saturday spiffing them up, and they look pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

Bedside tables before:

And After!

TV stand before:

And after!


Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

My shower was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. I don’t even know how to explain it, so I will let the pictures do the talking:

Thank you so much to my mom, Grandma, and Molly for putting this together!

The First RSVPs

These friends are officially on my good list for being the first to RSVP 😉

I’ll be posting the most creative responses here periodically. Stay tuned!

Most Everyone’s Mad Here

When my mom told me the theme for the bridal shower, I must say, I was a bit surprised. It’s definitely not going to be your average shower. I am enjoying seeing it come together. It’s going to be SO fun and unique. I cannot wait.

My mom, our dear friend Erin, and I decided to get up early today and hit as many garage sales as we could, in effort to find some more items for this whimsical party. I’m not sure why getting up at 7:00 AM when I’m just getting over being sick sounded like fun, but it did.

At one of the last sales we stopped at, we got into a conversation with the woman who was having the sale. We talked mostly wedding, since her daughter was also getting married. When she heard my mom was looking for unique bridal shower favors, she took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking, pulled us over to the corner of the garage, and took out a small box.

“This lady around the corner sells these. She has HUNDREDS.”
“Where does the live?!”
“In a little green house. She has a tiny white dog out front. It’s about 4 houses down.”

We quickly rushed to find this little green house with the tiny white dog.

We found her (Lisa), her friend (Colleen), and her dog (Samzi) out front, and we asked her if she had any left. Her neighbor was right, she had hundreds. And they were perfect.

Little tiny lace bras filled with potpourri, placed in adorable vintage-looking boxes. They’re meant to be placed in your dresser drawers. Could there be a more perfect bridal shower favor?

And did I mention that these two ladies were awesome? I wanted to stay and hang out with them all day. They were so fun.

We even got some pictures…

(Rest assured, the bras pictured were just for display ;))

Oh, and If you didn’t figure out the bridal shower theme from the title of this blog post, here’s a small hint:

Who knows… The Mad Hatter might even make an appearance.

Sneak Peak!

At my last dress fitting my seamstress had to measure and pin up my petticoat to be altered, so I had to hold up all of the fluff that is my dress. You can’t see what my dress actually looks like, but I am in love with this picture! I figured it’d be a great teaser.

Thank you, Molly, for being such an amazing photographer.

Car Troubles

Last Saturday Molly and I had planned to head down to Mt. Vernon for a day full of wedding errands. Molly got to my house in the morning, and we decided to make a quick stop at the mall to get YoguSan frozen yogurt, and then be on our way to my dress fitting.

After YoguSan we got back into my car, with our green tea fro-yo in hand. I turned on my car and it instantly started shaking back and forth. It was shaking so bad I was afraid to drive, so I called the Sears Auto Center. The guy on the phone chuckled when I asked if it was safe for me to drive my car halfway across the parking lot. He said worst-case scenario, my car would stop working and they would come out and push it.

We dropped off my car, and he said it would be a couple of hours. I had to get to my dress fitting, and Kyle was in Bellingham with his friend Mike, so I asked if he could bring me his car. I didn’t want to have them lower my car back down so I could get my dress out once Kyle got there, so I had no choice but to take it out ahead of time.

So there Molly and I stood, holding my dress, which felt like it weighed upwards of 500 pounds. We also had my huge petticoat, along with my shoes, slip, and veils. We stood out there for about 45 minutes, when Kyle and Mike finally showed up with their cars. Kyle got out, handed me his keys, and we were on our way—until we heard a loud pop. We looked back to see Mike’s car, slumped down to one side because his front right tire had gone flat.

At this point I was convinced that Sears had to be purposefully ruining cars in the mall parking lot, in order to bring in customers. By the time they filled out the paperwork and got his car in, mine was ready to be picked up. We were finally actually on our way to Mt. Vernon this time.

We shopped around at some thrift and antique stores for a while. I found the most beautiful 1930’s trunk to use for our coffee table, which was marked down from $250 to $50. I was ecstatic because Kyle and I had been drooling over one exactly like it in an antique store just a week earlier, but decided against it because it was $280, so $50 was a steal.

After that we rushed to my dress fitting (another blog post), and then went to pick up the groomsmens’ suits. We barely made it to Men’s Wearhouse on time, and there was such traffic that we decided to park down the street and run. Once we got the suits we had to hike back to my car. Molly is such a trooper.

Believe it or not, we even stopped for a photo-shoot after that, so that Molly could take a picture for my bridal shower invitations.

I think I went to bed at 9:30 PM that night. What a day.

The Gift Registry


Kyle and I were in Bellingham on Friday killing time and decided to be spontaneous and go register at Bed Bath & Beyond. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well it was.

We went in and created an account with their registry representative. She asked if we would like to go around the store with the scanner on our own, or if we’d like to be escorted by an associate. I figured it could get awkward for the poor sales associate who would be standing there as we argued about which color of towels to register for, so I told her we wouldn’t be needing an associate to escort us. Kyle just stood there smiling. I could tell he was excited to have that scanner in his hand. I was surprised when he said I could have it first.


We began in the kitchen section, an overwhelming place to start. Luckily, I had brought my iPad with a registry checklist. We took turns with the scanner, and Kyle made sure we each got our fair share with it. Things went pretty smoothly, until we got to the bathroom décor section. We stood there arguing about shower curtains for a while, since everything I liked was too “girly.” We finally agreed on one (its still a bit too manly for me), and we moved along to bedding. I had my eye on a set that I LOVED, but I wasn’t even going to mention it since it was much more girly than any of the shower curtains I had suggested just minutes earlier. Kyle walked right over to that exact set, and said “Wow. I really love this bedding set.” Needless to say, our decision was made.

As we were picking out curtains Kyle said “Can you believe it? We’re picking out curtains! I never thought this day would come.” He was much more excited about registering than I had expected him to be.

We registered for all of the staple items, as well as some fun stuff. A Keurig coffee machine, a waffle maker, picture frames, cozy blankets, etc. It was much more fun than I had expected! We were planning on registering at a few different places, but I was really impressed with Bed Bath and Beyond’s selection, and we found everything we needed.

And now when people ask me where we are registered, I can finally say “Bed Bath & Beyond” instead of “We’re lame and still haven’t registered.” : )

Wedding Update

We’re getting married in 4 1/2 months. It’s truly hard to believe that the past seven months have passed by so quickly. Between working full time (and loving my job!), being in school full time, and planning our wedding, the days have been flying by. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! It just seems quite surreal. I’m feeling more excited each and every day.

I thought I’d give you all a brief update on wedding details via pictures:

I found my dress for the bridal shower

The bridesmaid dresses were purchased (will be pale pink)

The groomsmen’s suits came in

Our mismatched china collection is accumulating

I cannot wait to see everything come together. Next we need to pick out flower girl tutus, junior bridesmaid dresses, candle lighter suits, and ring bearer outfits!

Wedding Expo

Last weekend we attended the Bridal Expo in Bellingham. Even though we already have pretty much everything booked, we decided to go just for fun. I knew it probably wasn’t up Kyle’s alley so we decided to make it a girl’s day and Kyle very kindly (and gratefully) stayed behind and watched Havensong since my dad was gone on a business trip. My mom, Molly, Autumn, her friend Alexa, and I had an awesome and very entertaining day at the expo.

Upon arrival, I received a beautiful “swag bag” to keep my shoes and accessories in on our wedding day.

We all got wristbands that would allow us into the expo. Mine was green, which indicated that I was the bride, and the rest were purple. Molly informed me that she would be hiding hers in her shirt so that “She wouldn’t look like a loser since she didn’t have a bride wristband.” Ohh, Molly. Always so dramatic 😉

Once we got into the vendor section, we quickly realized that they weren’t as friendly or willing to give out freebies once they found out that we already have our vendor, caterer, photographer, photo booth, videographer, baker, wedding planner, venue (and the list goes on). Every time we passed a booth it went something like this:

Do you have your caterer booked?


Oh. Have a nice day and please don’t waste any of our samples. Those are for paying customers.

We ended up spending the majority of our time hanging out with Galen at The Upfront Theatre‘s booth. He, however, did not have any freebies. I tried to grab one of the York peppermint patties off of his table but he quickly informed me that they were only there to hold up his tri-fold picture board up. I told him I was surprised he didn’t recognize me since Kyle and I practically live at The Upfront. He mentioned that they perform at wedding receptions and that they could come to ours, and we decided it was a must. My mom forced him to email himself TWICE so we wouldn’t forget to save our date when he got back to the office Monday.

We had lots of fun with the photo booth at Oh Snap, who we booked for the reception. I think Molly and I got 6 sets of pictures! It’s so entertaining and their props are splendid. It’s going to be a huge hit at the wedding.

After this, we went to have some Indian food for lunch, and came back for the fashion show. Molly and I ended up whispering about how boring the dresses were the whole time. My mom was texting me about how my dress “smoked” the ones in the show. It was very upbeat and lively. Autumn and Alexa said it was the best fashion show they had ever been to. I was hoping to get some ideas for bridesmaid dresses, but it definitely wasn’t a very vintage fashion show. I suppose not everyone loves the rustic look.

It was very fun and entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but I still love my wedding gown much more than any of those plain satin dresses.